THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER is the only water brand in the world that truly cares about YOU!

Imagination + Manifestation + Ultra-Purified Water + Positive Impact on your life + love + Gratitude

There will never be another "THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER". This is our affirmation and truth creating the desire for us to constantly be the greatest in the industry.

ELEV8 WATER is a tool for your mind. ELEV8 WATER is positively changing how we experience water.

We are passionate about adding value to your life. ELEV8 WATER is your personal water created for your everyday life, free from all additive, chlorine, fluoride and sodium bicarbonate to deliver a refreshing and pure hydrating experience.

Through our water we intend to ELEV8 the pure consciousness of our mindset, health and overall well being. Our water is purified through a 7 stages deionized purification process to extract impurities so that the only thing left is the purest form of drinking water infused with binaural frequency 528 hz ❤️ to ELEV8 your life.

Do you know your THOUGHTS can have effects on your drinking water?

Set a positive INTENTION before drinking.

We designed our water with YOU in mind.