How Our Thoughts Can Affect Water

Let Water Be a Tool in Navigating Your life

Did you know?

The human body is made up of 60%-75% water and the earth’s surface is made up of 71% percent water as stated by the USGS Science for a Changing World. Through the extraordinary life work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who pioneered the research on water’s expression, we now understand and can relate to how our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS affect our PHYSICAL reality.

Our  research concluded on the evidence that the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. Our research discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific , concentrated thoughts are directed toward them.

We were able to accomplish this through the use of Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high speed photographs captured by Dr. Emoto, he called this phenomenon Hado.

Hado (Definition) The intrinsic vibration pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy whose basis is the energy of human consciousness.

If the power of words and intent can do this to water, then imagine what it can do to you BODY.

The following water crystal photographs are from Dr. Emoto’s work. Each water crystal you see was exposed to the word it was written next to it prior to being photographed.

Successful, respected researchers and educators have proven that our bodies are continuously influenced by the NEGATIVE or POSITIVE words we say and affirm to ourselves in our daily life experiences.

My brain operates like a receiver and transmitter of consciousness, every experience happening in my reality is sent to my brain through my five senses ( my eyes, ear, nose, tongue and skin) that captures each event in my life then transmits the judgment of my MIND (either good or bad) to my brain to process and present an emotional reaction to my REALITY.

The person I AM today is the result of my perception of who I think I AM and how I see other humans, animals and things coexisting in my reality. I experience life daily from WITHIN me.

The universe does not judge and will deliver to me either GOOD or BAD what I habitually think to be true or false in my heart.  It is through my heart I emotionally communicate with my reality.

My daily life experiences start in my mind, from waking up in the morning, getting up from my bed, brushing my teeth, taking my bath, eating breakfast and moving around in life everyday all starts from a THOUGHT in my mind.

I have to create a THOUGHT in my mind first before I can do or experience anything in my life. I often create THOUGHTS very fast in my Mind every second that passes and on a daily basis throughout my life experiences that I often don't notice the creation model of my THOUGHTS.

My physical body is a reflection of the THOUGHTS I think either randomly or intentionally, I think I AM strong, I will be strong,  I think I AM loved, I will feel love, I think I AM happy, I will feel happiness. 

If I decide to also think negative and claim or affirm negativity to myself, 

guess what?

The negative THOUGHTS I subconsciously allow and affirm to myself throughout my day will find a way to present themselves for me to experience in my reality if I don't immediately catch myself to change my negative THOUGHTS and affirm positive THOUGHTS to replace all the sleek negative THOUGHTS that comes at the moment I AM not aware of my " BE PRESENT " in the " NOW " state of mind. 

My everyday life decisions I create in my mind shape my physical form and project my emotions to react to reality based on my judgment to how I view life.

I was born into this grand design called LIFE with NO NAME, NO FRIENDS, NO STATUS,  NO FEELING AND NO SENSE OF DIRECTION. I developed my idea of life Through my THOUGHTS in relation to my environment. I label life ITSELF based on how I have received the endless source of information flowing freely in the Universe, either through the news, education, media, relatives and the universe at large.

Who I believe I AM in the world is a product of my thoughts and my imagination. All my thoughts, beliefs and intentions reveal the reality I see around me every day. If I believe that something is real or true, then it is.

Physical illness manifests itself in the body as a way to awaken ourselves. All and every type of physical illness/diseases is already seated in the human body from birth as it is designed. It's the BELIEVE through my THOUGHTS delivered to MIND that awakens the reality of any illness or sickness in the body. Through elevating my THOUGHTS I could potentially heal myself from any and every type of illness or sickness by just simply changing my STATE OF MIND to that of an healthy, happy and grateful mindset and most importantly BELIEVE IT to EXPERIENCE IT.

I AM here existing in my body in this life for life EXPERIENCES ONLY!

I will constantly choose to ELEV8 my THOUGHTS to always think positive of myself to allow me manifest my heart's greatest desires while I AM still living. I will enjoy all the beauty and glamor of my own personal life movie called I ONLY LIVE ONCE in this physical state. 

The more loving energy I send to myself, the healthier I become. Self-love will literally create a physical healing response throughout my body.

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ENJOY every moment in the beautiful Grand Design called LIFE.