How to ELEV8 Vibration

VIBRATION definition: Emotional connection to reality.

To ELEV8 my vibration I will have to be aware of what emotions I allow to run in my body by understanding how my actions create a reaction at every given moment. 

I will focus on gratitude and appreciation to creation, for allowing me to experience this beautiful grand design called life while I am aware of my moods and the energy I give to myself and the world around me everyday.

Gratitude has a major impact on mood. I just need to focus on something that I AM extremely grateful for in life, and I will immediately find myself immense with positive vibes. Appreciation is even easier. 

I can just walk around my house and look at things and then feel appreciation for each of them, better Still when I walk or drive in my surroundings, the people, the trees, nature, water and everything in the wonderful creation of life designed for my enjoyment.

I will commit to giving myself the mindset to always put out good vibes ONLY,  to myself and the world around me. I will intentionally seek to add value to someone, people and the world around me daily.

I will be amazed at how great it feels when I AM just paying attention to someone other than myself. 

So just call someone, maybe a family member, neighbour, or a friend, and feel the connection of love and the joy it feels to add value to the world around you!

Listening to positive mind enhancing music or audio books is a great resource for elevating vibration. 

Stay active and connected to the beautiful creatures, pets and nature.

Cats can be very entertaining and can delight you during the time you spend with them. Likewise, dogs can be really fun and amazing to develop a bound.

Exercise at your pace, practice good and healthy eating habits and drink lots of your personal water THE WORLD’S GREATEST WATER. 

Take a walk-in nature, gaze at the tremendous design of the trees, the flawless concept of the water, ocean and the sea, appreciate the cool breeze, the glaze from the beautiful sun and the amazing experience life is showing you.

I will have to venture into this grand paradise called LIFE. I know I will enjoy life in a way that I have never experienced before.

I will always choose to be calm and relax to be more aware of the VIBES I give in my life experiences.

Please leave a comment on what ELEV8 VIBRATION means to YOU. We would highly appreciate the feedback.