GRATITUDE definition: A feeling of connection to an unknown source of love.

Expressing gratitude is a natural state of being and reminds us that we are all connected.

 Valerie Elster. 

I will ELEV8 my GRATITUDE by simply being aware that I am alive, I can breathe and I get to experience a brand new day in this beautiful paradise called life. 

I will choose to recognize all the wonderful creations in life and be aware of my connection to all and everything in my life experiences. 

I will choose to consciously say "Thank You" to every experience I get to live in my life, From the the food I get to eat, the air I get to breathe and to my personal water THE WORLD’S GREATEST WATER (ELEV8 WATER) I get to drink design to add value to my life. 



I will see clearly that there is always something to be grateful for, no matter  my circumstances.


I will write down a list of all the things I AM grateful for and I will choose to be thankful for the ability to experience a brand new day regardless of my reality. I will be thankful for every moment in my life experience simply because I know it's temporary.

I will be grateful for everything that has happened and is currently happening in my reality for I know it is part of the grand design called life.

I will commit to think majorly of the things I AM grateful for, to allow more of the wonderful experiences I desire to manifest in my life.

I will be more aware of my present to remind me that I AM living life for the experience only. The bed I sleep in, my shower, my shoes, my eyesight, favorite food, electricity, my car, my hobbies, my money,my degree, my friends, my beliefs, my home,my family, places and locations, restaurants, vacations, and so on. The more time I commit to always feel grateful for these life experiences, the more I will always feel happy and have a sense of wellbeing. 

I will start and end my day by "feeling" a deep and heartfelt gratitude for any experience I can think of throughout the day until I feel absolutely wonderful.  I will make a gratitude reminder to always remind me to be present and grateful for my current life experiences, every time I enter a room I ask myself "what am I to be thankful for in this room?" I will look for people's best qualities and be grateful for them. I  will take an active part in every moment of my life to choose to feel grateful for all the beauty around me. 

I will do this as often as possible until it becomes second nature to me. I will do this until my natural state of mind is that wonderful feeling of LOVE and GRATITUDE. I will do this until it is no longer a conscious choice to be grateful for the "everyday things" that I may have taken for granted in the past. 

By elevating my GRATITUDE to life’s ever-unfolding experiences, I AM allowing the flow of life to take me on an amazing cosmic journey of self-realization that I AM the creator of my reality and how I treat or relate to others is directly reflecting on my everyday life experiences.. 

By understanding these simple principles of Gratitude, I AM attracting more experiences to be grateful for and my life will begin to transform into my paradise on earth.

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