How to ELEV8 ALL

ALL definition: Everyone WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Everyone on earth is CONNECTED to one another as part of this grand beautiful design called LIFE. We are ALL in an unimaginable expansion of consciousness that will bring us together closer than we have ever imagined through understanding the strength and power of togetherness and genuinely sharing love and happiness between one another without the thoughts and feeling of separation.

To ELEV8 ALL means for me to relate and treat everyone the way I would like to be addressed or treated WITHOUT EXCEPTION . Simple

It's easy to make other living humans feel unworthy or rejected, it doesn't take a great person to bring others down. It takes a great person to love, share, develop, build and support others, to see them as a masterpiece worthy of existing in life regardless of their reality.  NO individual OWNS life, we are ALL mere actors in this GRAND DESIGN called life.

Imagine that everyone in my workplace, in my family, or in my neighborhood had my attitude. Would it be fun or would it secretly scare me? To boost the morale of others, it all starts with a commitment to lead the way in love. What examples do I set for those who I can influence? Is it only about me or is it also about helping others be successful? I will be the example I wish to see in the world, I will become the light that shines through the darkness and inspires others to explore their highest potential. I must set a positive example for myself to continually inspire and encourage others regardless of their reality.

When I ELEV8 a living human just like myself , a sense of peace and happiness fills my heart mainly because I have just added value or supported another human life towards their journey in the experience of life just like myself must have received support from other humans someway or somehow in my own individual journey in life.

As I ELEV8 the people around me, I will find out that I naturally become more open to experiencing life in all forms and manner mainly because elevating other people is also adding value to my own life by listening and watching myself be that great person that adds value to other peoples life in my own life story.

I will commit to be someone who, when others are around me, they feel inspired to reach their highest potential. Ii will make a conscious decision to build others up, encourage them, I will be a friend who gets excited by inspiring others.


I will ELEV8 ALL with love - Anyone can respond to others with hatred/anger or simply not respond. I will make a conscious decision that I will respond with love to everyone I interact with today and everyday. When I ELEV8 and treat everyone just like I would like to be treated I elevate the world around me and add to this forever expanding awareness of the universe within itself.. The words I speak can be beneficial or detrimental to others and myself. 


To ELEV8 ALL, I will simply be aware and patient with others and always make a conscious effort to respond to everyone in love.


Please leave a comment on what ELEV8 ALL means to YOU. We would highly appreciate the feedback.