THOUGHTS definition: Series of imagination 

I ELEV8 my thoughts by consciously choosing to imagine myself in the greatest form and believe in the power of my natural abilities.

I will commit to be more aware of the thoughts I feed my mind in my everyday life, I will only choose to be the greatest version of myself.

Internal dialogue is something I do all the time. Throughout the day, I have a stream of thoughts that constantly run through my mind. How many times have I tried to fall asleep at night but cannot shut my eyes to sleep mainly because my thoughts are running through the voice in my head?

Famous names in today's world never said to themselves "I'll never be great, I can't do well at this, I am too shy, I'm too slow"? Of course not. 

So why do I atimes think less of myself? Why are any famous successful people different from me? Hhhmmm.

I have all the answers to all my questions: it's what I tell myself about myself, through my thoughts that shapes my belief in my reality. 

Moving forward I will commit to catch myself, when I find myself thinking I am unworthy and not deserving of a beautiful life, I will stop my thoughts and immediately start to re-think the greatest thoughts about myself living my best life while enjoying my experience on earth.

To ELEV8 my thoughts, I will start to consistently imagine myself living the best life I desire without allowing ANY form of limitations regardless of my circumstances.

I will begin to see myself in the best position that my mind could create in my life experiences.

I will be patient with myself as I begin to enjoy my journey in self-development and understanding the power of my thoughts.

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