MINDSET definition: My perspective of myself and the world around me.

Everything in my life happens twice. Firstly in my mind through my thoughts. Secondly in my reality through my beliefs.

How do I see myself in this creation of life? 

What is my life worth to me?

How do I see other humans in this creation in relation to me?

What information do I feed my mind with? 

How is my reality in relation to my thoughts?

How do I become more aware of my mindset to positively improve my life?

These are all relevant questions the curious mind would find answers for especially when the world is confirming the universe is mental.

The human mind can be divided into two main parts: the conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious mind is concerned with reasoning, analyzing, and storing short-term memory in the brain form images and control your "Will". 

My conscious mind is in contact with my environment through my five (5) senses that allows me to communicate with this physical world. I am primarily in charge of my consciousness while I am awake.

My subconscious mind, on the other hand, does not judge. It does not know the logic and does not perform any analysis. Rather, it is submits to the information fed into it by my conscious mind. It maintains a colossal long-term memory bank, to which it adds any new information received from the conscious mind.

This mind works non-stop and takes control of my consciousness (awareness) when I sleep. My subconscious mind is responsible for all the involuntary activities carried out by the internal organs of my body, such as the beating of the heart, breathing, movement, functioning of the lungs, digestion, etc. It also handles routines performed on autopilot, such as when driving a car.

The subconscious mind is the store of my habits, the memories of all my actions, emotions and thoughts from birth to death.

Thoughts create emotions and feelings. And the feelings of the conscious mind registered by the subconscious mind are transferred in the form of vibrational frequencies which creates my reality through my belief. 

The universal mind is constantly creating real equivalents of my emotional vibrations for me on earth. I might not see the result instantly, but I will see it in a matter of time, as surely as day follows night.

To ELEV8 my mindset, I will have to strongly believe everything in my life is designed to operate the exact way it's flowing and for me to always remember to go with the flow of life and surrender into my only eternal NOW. 

I will have to always think great and positive of myself regardless of my circumstances or what the world says. I choose to affirm greatness to myself because I am deserving of a great life in this body.

 "Thoughts are things" and they control my destiny. In other words, I have my destiny in my hands.

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