How to ELEV8 Desire

DESIRE definition: That feeling that creates the will to move towards an experience in life.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything. Napoleon Hill

I have desires I want to experience in one form or another, but sometimes I know I let the opinion of MYSELF, others and my environment shape how I view the world and what I AM deserving of. 

To elevate my DESIRE I have to first feel that I AM worthy and deserving of all the great things I know I can create in life. I am only aware of this present moment and therefore I chose to enjoy it to the fullest by going with the flow of life and trusting in the unknown to experience my desires. 

DESIRE is a powerful force that if I act upon, it will keep me focused on my goals to manifest my life experiences. I will start to love myself and feel a positive sense of deserving, for all that I want to experience in life's beautiful creations. 


  1. I make a wish list of all the things I want to experience in life If money and time was not a factor. 
  2. I read my wishlist to myself everyday and move towards my desires until I start to see the manifestation in my reality? 
  3. Everyday I remind myself that I am worthy and deserving, until it becomes second nature. This is important and vital for my experiences. I must first feel that I AM deserving of the things I want to experience before I can begin to experience it and enjoy it.
  4. I frame my wishes into goals and I start to move towards it with the belief that I will manifest my desires.
  5. I will commit to creating a clear action plan of how to manifest my desires into my reality.
  6. I will create a Frame/Vision Board for my desires, my frame/vision board will serve as a reminder for me to move towards each of my desires. I will remind myself that movement is required to give life and essence to each of my desires. 

Over the years, I have noticed that once I was able to define my desires into goals, they harness a latent power towards execution. 

All wishes that have not been framed by goals remain abstract. Sometimes most of these are negative wishes that appeal to our emotions. 

To ELEV8 my DESIRE, I will require concrete goals and a sense of worthiness that I AM able to accomplish these goals and I AM deserving of experiencing its beautiful outcome.

Please leave a comment on what ELEV8 DESIRE means to YOU. We would highly appreciate the feedback.