What consumers PRODUCT in the entire world right now 2022 is specifically focused on the mental wellbeing of the individual? SELF? YOU? Especially in the COVID-19 era and everything else going on in the world?



Why should I buy and drink THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER?

Do I BELIEVE I AM great?

THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER is only for the GREATS. If I believe I AM great, I deserve to only drink THE GREATEST to ELEV8.


What other brand or product in the world can be compared to THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER?

NONE and NONE will. THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER is in its own special lane of GREATNESS!


What is the simple overview for the brand THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER?

The universe deserves more awakened great minds for the greater advancement of human consciousness! The more aware individuals are of their true essence, the greater their creativity becomes! THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER is a proof! The expansion of consciousness birth THE GREATEST BRAND WITH THE GREATEST PRODUCT IN THE WORLD.




         I. AM. YOU




To create a universal product from the profound spiritual and physical understanding of SELF. YOU. to visibly improve the quality of life for YOU. MYSELF.



Our Brand

The desire and the intention of our brand The World's Greatest Water is to add true value to your life with a product ELEV8 WATER. We are committed to providing the individual a medium to develop the true understanding of SELF.

                                               I. AM. YOU

THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER is a tool for your mind, positively changing how we experience water.



There will never be another "THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER". This is our affirmation and TRUTH creating the desire for us to constantly be the greatest in the industry.



The only and number 1 consumer product worldwide that truly operates to progressively enhance the mental quality of life for the individual. SELF. YOU. I. AM. MYSELF. (Explore your mind and "Thank us later!")

Imagination + Manifestation + Ultra-Purified Water + Positive Impact on your life + love + Gratitude

The World's Greatest Water believes that by providing consumers enlightened information's about the power of their mind and the understanding of “HOW” the mind literally creates our reality either positively or negatively will enhance progressive growth for healing and success individually or collectively. 

Understanding the importance of “HOW” the mind creates would allow consumers to overcome common and life threatening conditions such as physical illness and diseases, mental and emotional conditions - suicidal thoughts, depression, relationships and every other undesirable life experiences created in the mind. Its been confirmed by numerous respected spiritual and scientific human influencers that the universe is mental and our thoughts are the driving force for our everyday reality either individually or collectively.

My personal water brand is specifically created to assist me in my self-development process by providing the understanding necessary to allow me enjoy more precious experiences in this beautiful grand design called LIFE while drinking the smoothest ultra-purified water perfect for hydration.

ELEV8 WATER is a tool for your mind. ELEV8 WATER is positively changing how we experience water.


Our ultra-purified personal water infused with love and gratitude is sourced from a natural aquifer in Commerce, CA. U.S.A. Rain and snow percolate down high mountain peaks and this water collects underground beneath a protective seal of solid rock and clay until we bring it to the surface for ultra purification and bottling. We make every effort to preserve the water’s natural qualities before purification and pull multiple water samples annually at our source to ensure optimum quality from the beginning.

 What makes THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER ultra-pure?

ELEV8 WATER is ultimately the definition of ultra-pure bottled water with a TDS level of 0.00 perfect extraction of chemical additives. Our 7-stage purification process meticulously filters every drop of water over the course of 24 hours to remove more harmful pollution and impurities than any other bottled water on the market.

ELEV8 WATER is arsenic-free, chlorine-free, chromium 6-free, fluoride-free, MTBE-free, pharmaceutical-free, sodium bicarbonate-free, and BPA/BPS-free with total dissolved solids of less than one part per million. Elev8 water is also free of pesticides and other trace impurities such as lead. We do not add harmful chemicals or artificial additives such as chlorine, which is a widely used chemical to disinfect drinking water.

 What type of plastic is used for THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER bottle?

ELEV8 WATER bottle is made from high-grade premium PET plastic approved by the FDA for beverages that is BPA/BPS-free, color-free and 100% recyclable.

We have expansion plans to make your personal drinking water available in all possible premium eco-friendly drinking containers for everyone.



We 100% care about the environment and make every effort to minimize our footprint.  purification and bottling are powered entirely by clean, green solar energy. We also bottle our water near the source to reduce transportation resources.  bottle and label are made from 100% recyclable plastic and from the same material, so the label does not have to be removed during recycling.


ELEV8 WATER is currently available on our website

Projecting into Amazon and all natural health food stores, independent retailers and select major grocery stores worldwide. Please frequently visit our store locator to find an updated location near you. 

How can I become an THE WORLD'S GREATEST WATER Brand Ambassador?

Mentors, Teachers, Masters, Motivators, Hero’s! Let us continue to create beautiful life EXPERIENCES with our MIND worldwide TOGETHER!

BE BOLD, BE INNOVATIVE, BE AN ICON. Let us push the boundaries of the industry and deliver a pure and fresh experiences globally.


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Water Quality?

Level by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and on the state level by state officials. This ensures that all bottled water sold in the United States meets these stringent standards. In addition, members of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), who produce about 85% of the bottled water sold in the United States, must meet strict industry standards established by the association. These standards, contained in the IBWA “Model Code,” exceed the FDA regulations currently in place for bottled water. To ensure that all their bottled Water is as safe as possible and of the highest quality, all IBWA members use one or more of the following multi-barrier practices: source protection and monitoring, reverse osmosis, distillation, filtration, ozonation, and disinfection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bottled water has never been responsible for an outbreak of waterborne illness.