FREQUENCY definition: The understanding of awareness to life.

I ELEV8 my frequency by aligning myself with the universal guidance of my life by consciously being aware of my thoughts and paying attention to the synchronicity happening in my everyday life helping me to create the beautiful life I am deserving of.

The level of frequency I create with daily is determined by the degree to which I am in alignment with my inner-self, and the energy of the Source - Life Force, also known as 'Love' allows it to move freely through me. 

I tune into my inner-self by listening to my inner guidance above all other voices, and I move the Life Force by loving myself and radiating the Love I receive from my inner-self into my world.

When I choose to radiate positive energy, which is love frequency, in my life and the world around me, I am setting in motion a life full of bliss and beautiful experiences. When I increase my frequency, my world changes. 

My perceptions are enhanced and my ability to achieve greatness increases. My desire to conform to anything out of harmony with Who I AM diminishes dramatically, and my life revolves around expanding and embracing joy. 

To ELEV8 my frequency I will have to be more patient and compassionate with myself and the world around me, I will have to be able to give Love in a more consistent way.

I will consistently pay attention to the synchronicities in my life experience and I will learn to see them as "cosmic winks" and signs that I am on the right path in my journey of life.

I will pay close attention to my life to see more and more clearly that I AM indeed the Creator of everything in my experience - and I will embrace that with enthusiasm!

I will learn to see disappointment, inconvenience and unforeseen events as opportunities for a greater change in my life.

I will consciously choose the way and manner in which I spend my time, I will only devote to positive and uplifting activities during my day and develop relationships that will allow me to contribute to another human development and also enhance my own growth in my life experiences.

I will consciously choose to allow my awareness of what is my truth to be my guide through my intuition and I will choose to LET GO and SURRENDER into my NOW to allow the flow of life lead always regardless of my circumstances.

 I will choose to be happy always for no apparent reason! Because I am deserving of love and Happiness regardless of any circumstances. 

Please leave a comment on what ELEV8 FREQUENCY means to YOU. We would highly appreciate the feedback.